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Meet Rick and Melissa Hubb, the friendly fitness duo who will make you a more fit, healthier, happier, and stronger you. Married since 1995, Rick and Melissa have the combined knowledge experience, and passion to deliver the results you want.


Rick Hubb

Rick began his fitness journey in the 9th grade to protect himself from bullies. Since then, he’s made it his mission to help others reach their fitness goals and feel great about themselves. He received his Personal Training Certification in 1991, specializes in Sports Nutrition, is certified in Childhood Obesity, Senior Fitness, Self Defense, and is a Life Coach. He’s also the only USA Boxing Certified Instructor and Trainer from Baltimore to VA Beach and was awarded the title of “2012 Best Personal Trainer in Eastern VA” by Virginia Living Magazine. He and Melissa opened HubbMuscle in 2011 and have met and befriended a variety of hardworking people looking to meet their fitness goals since then.


Melissa Hubb

Melissa is a certified personal trainer with American Sports and Fitness Association, and a certified phlebotomist through the American Phlebotomy Association. She has the science, muscle, and knowledge about how the body works, as well as some impressive medical knowledge and experience, to provide the information you need for the best nutritional and fitness programs. Any medical conditions a client may have are considered and worked around to ensure safety and assists her in helping others change their nutrition lifestyles by making them aware of how their bodies process certain foods and toxins and which are better to select and why.